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So your ready to use WordPress and start your blog.

Your sitting at your computer staring at the screen, you hit the button to create a new blog post, now what. In life you able to talk to people, share ideas, talk about your life to others. Now you at this computer thinking now what.

If you think other will make fun of you because you created a post that sound so bad that someone can not read it. This will stop you in your tracks every time. I have been at this crossroad time and time again.

How do you find your voice? How do you figure out what to say and how to say it clear and to the point.

You hear the voice inside say you can not do this. You’re dumb! No one what to read this junk that you have tried to right. So why are you sitting here thinking you can do this. Do not listen to your brain telling you can not do this or even try, give up right now. They say stop this inside drama.

Some of have seen the movie that had the message if you build it they will come! Okay I am joking a bit. When it comes to build a blog it take a lot of work

I do not have the answer to this problem, but I do have a video by Chris and he talks about this same problems. Guess what he had the same problems as me. I am not alone with fears and concerns.

His video below will help you as it has helped me. I hope that you take the time to watch it just like I did.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to these people at WordCamp and share your video.

Now did you take the time to watch this video from Chris Lema? Because I did not want to give away all that he wanted to share. I do hope you did. I did and he did make a lot of good points and his way of telling a story worked for me. But who am I to say he is right, wait I am saying he is right. I know that I will make mistakes he does talk about this just write your content.

Just keep writing. Remember when you tried to ride a bike. Did you get it right the first time? If you did you a lot better than most of us. So what if you fall off the bike just pick yourself up and go again, until your riding the bike. Same goes about writing. Just keep writing, there will be people make comments about what you have said. I hope they do it will only make you better. It just feedbacks from what you said here in a blog post.

You know I wrote most of this blog post before I even watch all of his videos. I am glad that I did try to write this before I did complete his video. I am not going to try to share all of his points, just hit the play button, and watch the video like I am going to do now.

I do hope that you enjoy reading this content. I know that I enjoyed right it for you. Just start writing become the person you want to be and just share your stories. Let me know if this helped you. That would help me to know that there is someone reading my words and enjoy them.